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Enterprise Client Computer System Upgrades

Client with thousands of endpoints needed high-quality, agile, and cost-conscious service when completing chain-wide upgrades. Retail Imaging delivered comprehensive upgrade services accomplished in harmony with and cross-leveraging our clients’ internal processes and capabilities, all without business interruption.


A large enterprise client needed 2,000 kiosk endpoints in over 500 locations upgraded with increased drive capacity, memory, new operating system and updated client software. Each endpoint required unique, per-device configuration. The hardware profile included over 12 variants, with specific update components for each iteration. The client required a high level of customization to accommodate very detailed security, networking, access, and UI/UX requirements.

Retail Imaging Solution:

  1. Collaborate with stakeholders in operations, business, and IT/IS client groups to form clear pre-build expectations and specifications. RIMG integrated a fully-customized embedded image meeting all specifications and assuring functionality across all hardware variants.

  2. Our Subject Matter Expert (SME) team observed internal client practices and capabilities, developed and vetted installation, configuration, and operational validation scenarios.

  3. Our Supply Chain Logistics team confirmed each endpoint’s properties and needs, then created a per-unit kitting, configuration, and QA process specifically reflective of this project’s unique needs. Additional pre-configured Advanced Unit Replacement stock was prepared for next-day delivery to any failed upgrade locations.

  4. Our Technical Call Center team prepared detailed documentation, visual references, and internal/external training assets, all tailored to match client’s internal business language.

Client Results:

  1. Asset life was extended by 4+ years at a cost of less than 1/6th of full replacement, including all services and parts.

  2. Onsite third-party labor costs were non-existent, with client receiving:

  • Timed deliveries of specifically kitted upgrade sets labeled for each endpoint.

  • Simple and highly-visual instructions in client’s own internal business language, covering safety, upgrade process, and access to resources.

  • Live technical call center and remote support from the same Expert team that created and vetted the process.

  1. All ~2,000 endpoints at over 500 locations were successfully updated in less than 28 days.

  2. The average endpoint was out of service for less than 60 minutes, with no endpoint down for more than 36 hours.

  3. All retired components were catalogued, verified, and securely recycled via an eco-friendly process within 14 days of the last installation

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