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Real-Time Solutions for Real-Time Issues.
We listen as you identify your business challenges and then develop innovative, cost effective solutions tailored specifically for you. Our areas of problem-solving expertise include all aspects of the retail photo industry, call center operations, field service, device repair and the management and deployment of large scale projects.


Our service solutions are completely custom and developed from the ground up.  Why you may ask is this necessary?  We understand that your internal operations, process, and procedures are unique to your business and therefore we do not offer cookie-cutter service programs. Instead, we believe in taking the extra time up front to work closely with you to establish clear expectations. 

From day one, we establish a dedicated Program Manager who is solely focused on partnering with you to define your business objectives to determine the type of service you need.  While we offer complete end-to-end solutions that utilize our full capabilities, we recognize that isn't necessary for every client and we will work with you to scale your support to the right level. 


From there we:

  1. Determine your goals first and foremost

  2. Develop a scope of requirements and SLA

  3. Create specialized support documentation

  4. Effectively train our people as if they were your employees

  5. Deploy your customized service solution

  6. Provide a continual feedback loop with customized data reporting

Our Process


We provide customized plans developed from the ground up because we understand that your operations, processes, and procedures are unique. Off-the-shelf cookie-cutter solutions will not adequately address the challenges you face. Instead, we believe in taking the extra time up front to work closely with you to establish clear expectations. 

From day one, your assigned Program Manager will focus exclusively on meeting your business objectives. While we do offer end-to-end solutions, we also recognize that each situation is different and will scale our plans accordingly. 

From There We:

  • Assist in defining your objectives

  • Develop a scope of requirements and SLA

  • Create specialized support documentation

  • Train our personnel as if they were your employees

  • Deploy your customized service solution

  • Provide a customized data feedback loop to keep you fully informed

Issue Management


We approach each issue from your point of view, utilizing our Complete Call Philosophy that never closes a ticket until an issue is fully resolved.  From the second our Technical Call Center agent answers your first call, to the on-site Technical Service Representative (TSR) installing parts and training your team, to post-repair functional confirmation, we actively pursue the fastest, yet most complete, resolution that returns your technology and your business to 100% operation.  Our IT infrastructure enables our Technical Call Center to troubleshoot any network connected device anywhere, anytime.  We can monitor up to hundreds of thousands of devices at once.   If we are prevented from remotely resolving an issue, then our nationwide team of Managed and On-Demand Field Service Technicians or your own technician will be dispatched immediately to close the loop.  If a replacement device is needed, our Device Repair Services will have one shipped to you the same day and ensure it arrives safely and is installed properly.   

We utilize technology that we specifically developed to support our service solutions, which include our own internally-developed Affinity issue management system, Wiki knowledge base, and resource center.   We have also created external-facing client resources, such as a proprietary remote access, Affinity Web Portal, and several custom-made scripting and coding resources, all of which align and comply with extremely rigid retailer IT environments. Each issue is an opportunity to learn, grow, improve, and refine our own and our clients’ operations, with data gathering, analysis, and qualified recommendations regularly generated. 

Success Measured:

  • Total Issues Resolved: 1,094,702 (since 2006)

  • Calls Resolved Live: 941,497 (since 2006)

  • Calls Answered by Automated Response System: 0 (we only answer LIVE)

  • Critical Services Uptime: 99.99991% (since 2006)

  • Device Repair Success Rate: 98.01 % (in 2016)


We support your technology anytime, anywhere. Yes, we really do.  From regional to nationwide support, we have an extensive Field Service network that is scaled to the right size for your business needs.  When combined with our Technical Call Center and Device Repair Service solutions, you will have complete end-to-end coverage that plugs right into your existing operations for a seamlessly integrated service experience. 

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