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Custom Kiosk Integration

An upscale retailer wanted to improve their in-store Photo Imaging Dept. experience for their customers. The option selected was then planned to be installed in future stores.

The Challenge:

  1. Provide design guidance to develop in-store fixtures that promote Customer engagement and comfort in the Photo Imaging area.

  2. Design and manufacture customer-facing Kiosk hardware that compliments the new fixtures.

  3. Accommodate existing back-lab hardware.

  4. Minimize cost for all components.

Retail Imaging Solution:

  1. Using customer data and store associate feedback, we assisted in designing fixtures that allowed seating, created a strong visual impact, and housed production hardware efficiently and out-of-sight.

  2. Designed and built a custom kiosk that integrated within the new filtering, providing ease of customer access and and easy installation and maintenance.

Client Results:

  1. Increased market share and “destination” status for Photo Imaging at installed locations.

  2. Realized immediate and sustained sales lift of over 15%, on average.

  3. The photo footprint within the store decreased 30% to 60% depending on location, freeing up space for additional revenue-producing merchandise and customer space.

  4. Adjacent sales increased for goods merchandised in proximity to and within access flow to the new Photo Imaging design.

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