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Scalable Call Center Solution

Businesses face ever-increasing expectations to deliver fast, knowledgeable, and cost-efficient Call Center support for their products and services. As technology increasingly displaces human interaction in many call centers, those businesses that still value the personal touch provided by knowledgeable professionals working with their customers to address issues and elevate their brands, have fewer and fewer options. Retail Imaging is committed to delivering high quality U.S.-based support that elevates our Clients' brands.


An international software and web development company serving over 10,000 retail locations was advised that their current call center vendor was unable to support the expected Q4 traffic that would ramp up in only six weeks. The client needed a fast, robust and scalable inbound call center with the skill to knowledgeably support an anticipated 100,000 plus calls and emails. Moreover, the new call center was expected to smoothly interface with multiple third-party vendors and product fulfillers that produced of the client’s customer’s orders.

Retail Imaging Solution:

  1. In six weeks, we built and staffed a scalable infrastructure that responded in less than sixty seconds to 10,000 weekly inbound calls and an additional 5,000 weekly emails.

  2. Additionally, our team of Subject Matter Experts analyzed and vetted the client’s operational processes and created detailed documentation that markedly improved call center qualitative performance.

  3. In less than three weeks, we test-piloted and then implemented a ticketing automation plan, multilingual support, and improved data analytics and reporting.

  4. In only eight weeks, we engaged 100% of client’s support volume, with a 99.97% resolution rate.

Client Results:

  1. RIMG successfully resolved over 50,000 client customer issues in the first three months of operation.

  2. In the first two years of this service, RIMG resolved over 2.5 million customer cases.

  3. RIMG delivered a 30-second improvement in average answer times over the previous vendor, while also providing the client with real-time access to all incident tickets.

  4. The client reported markedly improved customer satisfaction with third-party produced orders during our first Q4 service, with additional gains each year thereafter.

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