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Veteran Kodak Executive Brad Eamon and Fuji Executive Alan Olsen founded Retail Imaging (RIMG) in 2000. They recognized that the on-site photo services industry was on the advent of profound change with digital photography rapidly encroaching on film-based analog technology. Retail Imaging offered a more focused, cost-effective approach to service that empowered the retailer to make their own choices by decoupling service from the other aspects that the OEM provided. On-site photo retailers could now select any equipment, software and supply manufacturer that best met their price and quality objectives, secure in the knowledge that Retail Imaging would provide the support. 


Our first customer was Fred Meyer Inc., now a part of Kroger, headquartered in Portland, Oregon. We began support in 2000 and to this day still continue to deliver comprehensive program management, managed field services, supply logistics, technical call center and device repair services for their 130+ on-site photo centers. 


In 2003 Costco selected us to be their photo kiosk manufacturer and to provide call center support. We proudly remain their photo kiosk and call center vendor today and have now expanded our call center services in other areas within Costco.


We have also enjoyed a ten-plus year relationship supporting the photo centers of both Rite Aid and Duane Reade with technical call center, device repair services, field services and customized manufacturing.


In 2008, we were selected by Sam's Club to provide a comprehensive service solution for all photo center devices in 320+ clubs nationwide; we proudly remain their service partner to this day.


From the beginning, Brad Eamon, who remains our Executive Chairman, understood that we had to be agile in order to stay ahead of the rapidly evolving technology while still delivering high quality, US-based support, all while taking a cost-effective approach that our clients expect.  We are proud that the many great American retailers we support have been loyal customers now for so many years.

There is no task too big or too small. We are here to help our clients pave the way to a sustainably successful future.  We believe that success comes to those who are driven to find a solution.  Don't believe us?  Throw us your most complicated challenge and we'll solve it. 



We have a culture of solving problems creatively, executing solutions flawlessly, and above all else taking ownership of our work.  We empower our people to make decisions independently, giving them the flexibility to respond quickly to the changing business needs of our clients. This enables Retail Imaging to provide a higher level of service and the personalized attention our clients have come to expect. 


QUALITY OF SERVICE: Through our high quality of service, we enable our clients to seamlessly deliver a superior experience to the end user.

AGILITY:  Being flexible, cognizant, and responsive to the unique requirements of the business operations of our clients is key to our mutual success.

COST EFFICIENCY: Our clients expect high quality solutions at a reasonable cost.  We continue to drive down internal operating expenses and utilize creative solutions to meet our clients' budgetary goals without compromising results.

Our History
Our Values
Our Leadership Team
Brad Eamon
Executive Chairman

Before cofounding Retail Imaging in 2000, Brad worked for Eastman Kodak Company in a variety of sales, marketing and business planning positions commencing in 1980. A veteran of 37 years in the imaging industry, Brad transitioned from CEO to his current  role as Executive Chairman in 2013. Although no longer involved in day-to-day operations, he continues to play a major role in the strategic planning and financial management of the company. ​The entrepreneurial spirit Brad brought to the founding of the company seventeen years ago remains core to our corporate DNA.


Brad divides his time between Portland, New York City and the mountains of Idaho. He is an avid reader, skier, and distance runner and is currently writing a biography on broadcast journalist Lowell Thomas. Brad graduated from St. Olaf College in 1977 and recently received his MA from Reed College. He is married to Diane Walton and has two grown children, Kelly and Jeff, and one grandchild, Louise.

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Larry Glasheen

Throughout his career, Larry has used his exceptional critical thinking abilities to improve operational efficiency for large and small, national and international clients.  Joining RIMG in 2009, he brought over 13 years of retail leadership, management, and operational experience.  He works with each client to design, implement, and maintain a comprehensive service solution that is right for their business in every way. In addition to working directly with clients, Larry tirelessly to ensure our internal operations are geared towards the same goal: exceeding client expectations.  Larry leads our Service Solutions teams' ongoing expansion in retail health services, incrementally expanding our overall support base by more than 130%.  He also oversees generational iterations of our Custom Kiosk Solutions, delivering significant population growth while reducing support complexity.

When not working with clients, Larry can be seen enjoying time with his family of six, serving in his church's ministry, and volunteering with local FIRST Robotics build season and competition events.  

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Jonas Sturr

Jonas has spent over a decade of his professional life building, refining, and executing Field Service solutions for businesses of all sizes. With a strong sense of responsibility and emphasis on quality, Jonas has earned the trust of our clients to meet their ongoing needs. He also recognizes that transparent communication and reacting quickly to the challenges our clients face is foundational in delivering a meaningful and sustainable business solution that works for them.


When not at work, Jonas can be found exploring the forests and mountains of our Northwest home.

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