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Vending Point-of-Sale Deployment

Consumers expect merchants to accept an increasingly diverse set of payment methods for their goods and services. The vending machine industry is challenged more than most to update in-equipment technology due to the broad geographic dispersal of a diverse equipment population, often within access-challenged environs, made updating particularly challenging in this industry.

The Challenge:

A payment device manufacturer needed an agile and cost-effective install and service partner for their vending machine payment devices. The Operators they targeted owned widely-varied device populations requiring installation capabilities from simple bolt-on replacement to substantial machine retrofitting and modification. Frequently, machines were behind secure company, government, or other access-controlled facilities and the machines themselves were secured in a variety of ways, sometimes requiring individual physical keys per-machine. Device inventory needed to be stored, distributed, tracked, and reported per-device, per-location in coordination with installation and Operator training resources allocated daily.

Retail Imaging Solution:

  1. We completed a thorough internal operational validation, process documentation, reference aids, and a bespoke on-demand support process for over 300 unique equipment model/install process permutations for over 3,000 machine sites.

  2. We then developed and engaged a custom Training and Certification Program conducted by our nationally-positioned Regional Managers to demonstrate and validate, in person, every technician’s proficiency on the specific install and client training scope before touching any client location.

  3. Our Supply Chain Logistics team allocated, distributed, tracked, and validated one-to-one pairing of devices to install sites, while controlling daily asset carry levels via dozens of forward stocking locations.

  4. Our Technical Call Center delivered live support and installed device function validation, capable of over 2,100 inbound calls dedicated to this client.

Client Results:

  1. RIMG delivered 100% install, training, and deliverable completion at all sites across more than 250 zip codes in less than four weeks.

  2. RIMG seamlessly blended operator resources with our own technicians to drive per-site costs down 25% below scope expectation while completing the project well ahead of schedule.

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