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Cost-Effective Kiosk Technology Upgrade

A National Retail Client with over 500 locations asked us to improve their in-store customer-facing photo kiosk experience in 2004. Their existing kiosk was expensive, identical to the unit their competitors used, and expensive to service. They charged Retail Imaging with developing an affordable custom kiosk solution that employed leading edge technology that also minimized the longer-term cost of ownership.

The Challenge:

  1. Create an affordable kiosk solution, while maintaining leading edge technical performance

  2. Minimize long-term cost of ownership while maximizing ease of maintenance

  3. Offer a Customer experience consistent with the retail Customers’ high-end expectations

Retail Imaging Solution:

  1. Design and manufacture a robust kiosk solution based on modular PC components.

  2. Customize Kiosk Operating System to exceed Client’s security and operational needs.

  3. Design and manufacture a simple, streamlined Customer-facing terminal component to match Client’s décor.

  4. Partner with Client to develop and maintain Training Materials to empower Client’s staff to provide exceptional service to their customers and gain the skill to perform routine repair.

  5. Provide Technical Call Center (TCC) to support Client’s own staff to resolve over 90% of all technical issues

  6. Provide dedicated Advanced Unit Replacement stock to return hardware to full operation within 24hrs of any failure not able to be resolved through TCC support.

Client Results:

  1. Saved over $2M in initial capex outlay compared to alternate kiosk solutions.

  2. Significantly-decreased downtime, sustainably decreased ongoing maintenance costs, and nominal lost-sales opportunities.

  3. More than 5,000 kiosks placed, over six upgrade cycles during the last twelve years.

  4. Customers enjoy a consistently high level of service at all locations.

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