When RIMG was founded in 2000, we had a different idea about how Technical Service & Support should be delivered.  With many years of experience in large corporations that utilized vertically integrated and inflexible technical support programs, we recognized that the client did not have control over their own business.  We changed that.

Our first challenge addressed the unmet need for customized Technical Service in support of on-site photo centers at our retail clients' locations.   Leading photo system manufacturers provided one-size-fits-all solutions that failed to take into account the unique needs and circumstances of each individual retailer. Recognizing this short-coming, we developed from the ground-up: dedicated Field Service teams, an industry-leading Technical Call Center, rapid exchange Device Repair Service, and Custom Kiosk Manufacturing services designed specifically for each client.


By reimagining how Technical Service & Support was previously offered, we gained critical skills that we now use to support our clients in many diverse industries.  Staying true to our mantra, we remain non-manufacturer aligned and are uniquely positioned to deliver SERVICE SOLUTIONS specifically tailored to your business.


No matter the challenge, IT CAN BE DONE.


Service Reimagined.

Delivering custom SERVICE & SUPPORT SOLUTIONS for your technology anytime, anywhere.
We have changed the way Technical Service & Support is delivered by successfully balancing your expectations of: High Quality, Agility and Cost Efficiency. We leverage our technology forward infrastructure, extensive knowledge base, and highly skilled people to provide comprehensive client focused solutions. ​We place control of your business back into your hands by making your technology work for you anytime, anywhere.

Our technology forward infrastructure and advanced agent training system program mean that we have the right people to meet your needs, from Level I to Elite Level Support. 


We're equipped to manage over 100 simultaneous calls, all of which will be answered by an account certified call center agent.  No time to call?  We can diagnose and resolve technical issues remotely with our Issue Management System.   


For more complex systems that require on-going maintenance and specialized hands-on expertise, we offer comprehensive Managed Field Services.   Your Program Manager will work closely with you to establish the strict Service Levels that meet your business needs.


Our dedicated team approach ensures that your business is their only priority.   From hardware break/fix service to preventative maintenance to software support, we do it all.


Our nationwide network of highly trained technicians are available 365 days a year to support any onsite issues that arise on a per-instance basis. We select only the best technicians – which means we screen, train, and test each technician before using them in the field.


This means that you’ll get the right person for to repair your technology:  same day, next day, you name it, we will be there on time and ready to help.


Our Advanced Unit Replacement (AUR) program allows for same day shipping time for critical issues that require parts or full device exchanges. 


We stand by our work and value your time, which means we test every device before it leaves our building. This rigorous quality control process has led to an industry leading success rate of 99%.


Your technology is the backbone of your business, let us keep it running reliably.


We will listen to your concerns and design a project that mitigates risks and rolls out seamlessly. A skilled Project Manager will work with you to clearly define your needs, provide a Scope of Work, and then work quickly to schedule and execute site surveys, site checks, and pre-calls. 


At every stage of the project, we’ll keep an open line of communication with you to ensure that what we’re doing is meeting your needs. If the scope of your project expands to include more, don't worry, we can handle it.


Consumer facing digital input devices are now ubiquitous in retail stores and virtually all other transactional environments. Retail Imaging designs robust kiosk solutions that use inexpensive modular components to address each client’s unique priorities. We deliver the physical kiosk, custom operating systems, and on-going support at a low cost of ownership.

We know Service.  We know Technology.  With over 17 years of experience, Retail Imaging has made a business out of solving complex problems and delivering unique service solutions. 


We leverage our extensive knowledge-base to simplify your support experience by being the expert on a wide variety of hardware and software systems.  Our service capabilities were born out of our clients' needs to have a single point of contact that can manage the complete service and support lifecycle necessary to keep their systems running. 

We understand that any down time equals lost sales.  You will never have to worry when you partner with us.  From photo kiosks to digital signage to pharmacy tech, we can handle it all while delivering to you a High Quality, Agile and Cost-Effective experience.



December 1, 2015

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